RB Royal helps PDQ Manufacturing clean up their LaserWash G5 with hybrid hose assemblies

PDQ Manufacturing, an expert in wash systems, rolled out a new advancement in vehicle wash equipment, the LaserWash G5. The new system was developed with a focus on energy-efficiency, eco-friendly design and cost-efficiency. The hoses in the machine's original design began to leak and the LaserWash G5 became a costly machine to service. PDQ turned to RB Royal to help them redesign the fluid transfer methods that moved soaps, chemicals and water throughout the sys- tem to be more efficient and reliable. RB Royal engineers reworked the LaserWash G5 design by replacing the hose assemblies with hybrid assemblies that provided rigid tube in longer run and highly mobile areas. This offered more stability and a more organized solution, which decreased downtime, lowered repair costs and enhanced the overall product reliability.