Fluid Transfer Products

Fluid Transfer Products

In addition to unique, highly specialized fluid transfer products, many of the products RB Royal designs and manufactures are fluid connector products . This section provides an overview of both. The primary compositions of assembled lines are either flexible hose, metal tubing or a combination assembly – commonly called ‘hybrid' assemblies. Hybrid assemblies combine the unique properties of each composition to provide a superior solution to particularly demanding applications. RB Royal engineers will assist in reviewing all application challenges and recommend a solution that is best fit for the job. Typical considerations for assembled lines are listed below.

Benefits of flexible hose assemblies:

  • Dampen vibration / reduce noise
  • Less engineering involvement in some applications
  • Easier to accommodate long lengths
  • Easy to manufacture and assemble
  • Hose is a natural insulator
  • Can absorb shock / impulse in fluid systems
  • Better accommodation of large tolerances between connections

Benefits of hard tube assemblies:

  • Longer life than hose
  • Capable of higher pressures
  • Thermal properties – better heat dissipation
  • Potentially fewer leak paths than a hose assembly
  • Greater abrasion resistance
  • Resistance to fire and extreme environments
  • Streamline appearance - improved aesthetics
  • Less room requirements in tight spaces
  • Capable of acting as rigid support for wiring, etc.
  • Tube material generally costs less per foot than hose
  • Retains its shape where hose may shift and sag over time
  • Considerably less weight
  • Generally a better surface for paint
  • Longer runs of tube would require less support than hose
  • More consistent I.D. (in critical flow rate situations) and O.D.
  • Minimal expansion under pressure
  • Capable of much tighter bend radii – precise routings
  • Extreme temperature resistance/ tolerance
  • Greater chemical resistance
  • Will not deteriorate and potentially contaminate the system
Image Of Fuel lines

Fuel Lines

Flexible fuel lines utilize specially compounded hose to safely function with various fuel types.

Image Of Oil Cooler Lines

Oil Cooler Lines

RB Royal designs and builds oil lines to meet each unique product application and environment

Image Of A Suction & Return Line

Suction & Return Lines

RB Royal designs and builds suction and return lines to meet each unique product application and env

Image Of A Coolant Line

Coolant Lines

RB Royal designs and builds coolant lines to meet each unique product application and environment.

Photo Of Water & Air Cooling Tubes

Air & Water Cooling Lines

RB Royal designs and builds air and water lines to meet each unique product application

Image Of Custom Fittings Made by RB Royal

Fittings & Couplings

RB Royal has significant experience in the manufacture and application of couplings and adapters

Image Of Oil Dipsticks

Oil Dipsticks & Tubes

RB Royal engineers assist engine dressers in re-designing, thereby re-routing, oil dip sticks system