At RB Royal, our fluid power capabilities and services we provide our customers are often as critical as outstanding manufacturing quality. We utilize a technical team to support our customer's product launch and production from design to logistics. Our comprehensive development process allows us to maximize product design performance, while remaining focused on manufacturing excellence. Early design collaboration promotes shared expertise to achieve time-sensitive project objectives.

Our Product Development Center (PDC) is an internal, off-line engineering facility for collaborative, real-time development and testing of products and systems. Through modeling and prototyping, we bring concepts to life and help to refine designs to ensure optimal performance. But, our value-added services do not stop at product development. When customers need to outsource the manufacture of sub-systems, we can provide the necessary production resources, testing, packaging and logistics services. Additionally, we are accustomed to developing and investing in new capabilities to meet the growing requirements of our customers and markets.

We also understand the challenges that design engineers and procurement professionals face and we take great care to deliver on our promises, earn trust and provide peace of mind.

Fluid Transfer Engineering

We encourage customers to involve our engineers and technicians early in the design process


Working with strategic suppliers and partners, we offer a wide array of manufacturing capabilities

Associated Products

We provide various associated processes that also enhance value and consolidate suppliers


Disciplines are followed regarding testing parameters within ISO 9000

Custom Packaging

Product is packed for secure shipment to your receiving dock, assembly area or customer location.


Assembly lines, points-of-use and storage are constantly being tweaked to reduce and eliminate waste