Understanding our customer’s products and applications leads to the innovation RB Royal is known for. Our Engineering team approaches each project with a “concept through manufacturing,” or as we call it, a “Design-ufacturing” methodology delivering reliable, proven and sustainable solutions through partnering early in the product development process and extending throughout the entire product lifecycle. Rely on us for your design and engineering needs!

RB Royal's Desig-ufacturing logo

No matter the design and engineering requirements – durability, space constraints, ease of assembly, weight limitations – the multi-disciplined RB Royal Engineering Team of industrial and mechanical designers as well as manufacturing engineers can meet the challenge. Utilizing the latest in design software with Solidworks ® CAD and Basic Simulation, the RB Royal team utilizes a variety of engineering design genres including:

  • Traditional Product Design capabilities
  • Graphic Design
  • Fluid Transfer Tubing Design utilizing a variety of metals including stainless, carbon steel and aluminum as well as rubber/polymers
  • Stamped Metal Part Design
  • Plastic Part Design for both injection molding and blow/roto-molding processes
  • Manufacturing Engineering with tooling, fixtures, and processes
  • Emerging Technologies including additive manufacturing, composite

Product Development Center

Our Product Development Center (PDC) is an internal, off-line engineering facility for collaborative, real-time development and testing of products and systems. Through modeling and prototyping, we bring concepts to life and help to refine designs to ensure optimal performance. But, our value-added services do not stop at product development. When customers need to outsource the manufacture of sub-systems, we can provide the necessary production resources, testing, packaging, and logistics services. Additionally, we are accustomed to developing and investing in new capabilities to meet the growing requirements of our customers and markets.

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