Why our Custom Dipsticks & Tube Assemblies?   

These assemblies consist of a customized tube, handle, and an indicator that yields a system capable of providing consistently accurate fluid level measurement. Our comprehensive development processes, the Design-ufacturing™ approach, enables us to maximize design performance and remain focused on manufacturing excellence.

Custom Dipstick Handles

Select from Ring or T-shaped handles made of industry-standard glass-filled Nylon 66 resin.

  • Sizes ranging from 3/8-7/16” in openings.
  • Stock standard in SAE Safety Yellow imprinted with an oil can, or plain, additional colors and symbols are available on a custom basis.
  • Equipped with a double Viton™ O-ring.

Custom Dipstick Blades

Blades are available in either Flat, Round, or Cable styles.

  • Flat Wire Blades are 0.187 x .035″ and made of pre-phosphate spring steel. Each stick can be notched or perforated as part of the gauging. We offer an optional 90-degree end twist as well as any number of mid-twist(s) to help the blade traverse down the tube properly.
  • Round Wire Blades are 0.062″ in diameter and made of T302 stainless steel spring wire. A stainless-steel tube is flattened and welded onto the wire end to provide a 1.6″ long gauging area. As per the flat wire, each stick design is custom to the customer’s requirements.
  • Flexible Wire (cable) style Blade. The flexible wire is .080″ in diameter and is galvanized steel. Like the Round Wire Blades, there is a stainless-steel tube flattened onto the end, providing a 1.6″ long gauging area. This dipstick is currently only available with the ring style handle.

Formed Metal Tubing 

To ensure quality and proper tube to gauge fitment, RB Royal recommends kitting the dipstick with the Tube.

  • For easy installation, any required bracketing can be designed, manufactured, and attached per any customer requirements.

All dipstick tubes are available in raw, painted, or plated finishes as defined per customer request.

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Frequently Asked Dipstick & Tube Questions

Can I get a single replacement dipstick for my vehicle?

To keep prices competitive and deliver the quality expected from RB Royal an order must be a minimum of $500.

What do you need for a Quote?

Our DESIGN-UFACTURING™ process means we can work with you from concept to completion. So even if it’s just a cocktail napkin drawing, contact us, and we will work with you to bring your project to life.

Do you offer a locking dipstick handle?

Currently, we do not offer a stock locking dipstick handle. “It can’t be done” has never really been a part of our vocabulary. At RB Royal, we are all about Finding Solutions Together. We can work with you to complete your project as desired.

Will the handle work in a machined hole?

Yes, they are compatible with our tube or a machined hole.