RB Royal designs and builds flexible custom fuel lines to meet each unique product application and environment. Considering the volatile nature of most fuels, sound design, and construction of components and systems by reliable, experienced professionals is essential to safe, trouble-free operation. Marine applications for fuel, as specified by the U.S. Coast Guard, require even greater fire protection. Assemblies can also be produced to meet Underwriters Laboratories approval. Because we produce many of our own machined assembly components, RB Royal can often be more responsive and cost-effective in developing and delivering solutions.

Flexible fuel lines utilize specially compounded hose to safely function with certain fuel types and blends as well as LPG and Natural Gas. Assemblies can consist of a flexible hose with end fittings or a combination “hybrid” assembly of flexible hose coupled with a section of bent and end-formed hard tubing. Hard lines are also an option in many fuel applications. RB Royal engineers will help design custom fuel lines from components best suited for each unique application and condition.


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