Fluid Transfer for Off-Road & Construction

We understand the unique requirements that the Off-Road equipment markets demand and provide proven technology and innovative component design that can get the job done. From construction to agriculture, forestry to mining, reliability is paramount to achieving safety, efficiency, and productivity.

We build performance and reliability into every component we deliver. Vibration and impact can cause mechanical joints to loosen or separate – this affects safety, longevity, and the significant cost of lost time, not to mention compromised customer confidence. We work to improve the design of components and sub-assemblies for off-road projects by building in durability, reducing the number of moving parts, and minimizing joints that can contribute to leakage or failure.

Our fluid transfer system solutions for engines, transmissions, power steering, and air conditioning applications are designed to withstand the strenuous requirements of rough terrain, extreme conditions, and long days on the job. We also work with OEMs and tank manufacturers to design and produce robust tank head assembly solutions to meet the rigors of challenging off-road environments, including diesel equipment SCR DEF emissions applications.

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