Power Generation Fluid Transfer Solution

RB Royal takes care of producing fluid transfer components and assemblies that our customers rely on worldwide. We understand the unique requirements that the Power Generation equipment markets demand and we provide proven technology and innovative component design that can get the job done. Some of the design challenges we have faced include limited space for fluid connections, excessive heat, and vibrations generated by combined functions in a small space, inconsistent engine oil level readings due to issues with the oil line routing to the external oil cooler and the need for the fluid connections to withstand rugged use and transportation. RB Royal engineers determined that flexible hoses, a remote oil-to-cooler application, and custom hybrid hose assemblies were the best solutions to address the compounded issues.

The wear and tear of vibration, heat, impact, and corrosion are all conditions that can compromise mechanical joints – this affects safety, productivity, and the significant cost of lost time and repair. We work to improve the design of components and sub-assemblies for industrial and commercial equipment products by building in safety and durability while making it easier and more cost-effective to access and service the system.

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