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Trust our process. Results will come. Our focus and excellence in custom product development happens because of experience, industry expertise, and our teams commitment to quality and innovation. Some may call it a well-oiled machine. We call it DESIGN-UFACTURING.

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Benefits of automation in your manufacturing processes

RB Royal began implementing automation for repetitive manufacturing processes and tedious quality inspection in 2013. The use of collaborative robots has allowed the ability to use one operator to run three machines. Upon implementing automation, RB Royal saw an almost immediate improvement in part quality and manufacturing productivity, along with a significant reduction in tooling […]

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A small part of Big Results

Through our Design-ufacturing process, working with our customers from concept to completion, our engineers developed oil and fuel lines for the new Malibu monsoon M6Di engine. Our engineering department has experience and expertise that can help turn any problem into a solution. The creation of custom parts is a small role but a critical component […]

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From Brass Fittings to Electric Vehicle Components – RB Royal Continues to Evolve

RB Royal’s manufacturing journey began in 1942 with the production of stock fittings for engines. The engines at that time were crude compared to today’s engines, but still required quality parts to keep them running.75 years later, we continue to evolve at RB Royal and now supply components used in electric vehicles. Even though the […]

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