Why our Custom Coils & Coiling?   

RB Royal offers custom coils and coiling for application in water heating/cooling, condensing, refrigerant, agriculture, food service, or whatever your needs may be. Our proprietary coiling equipment can deal with a round tube to 1” diameter making coils as large as 8” in inside diameter in a variety of materials including stainless, carbon steel, aluminum, etc.

The Tolerances of our Custom Coiling:  

  • Tube Diameters: 25”-1.00”
  • Mandrel Diameters: 1”-8”
  • Custom Coiling Minimum Lengths: ½ Min. (@ 1/8” diameter tubing, min would increase as tube diameter increases)
  • Coil Maximum Lengths: 32”
  • Tolerances: +-0.08 minimum due to material variance in this condition

Not seeing what you were looking for? RB Royal produces custom-for-you fluid transfer solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why our custom coils and coiling?

A unique aspect of our coiling capabilities is being able to run one of the legs of the coil up through the center, as shown in the carousel.