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OEM manufacturers of heavy-duty and mid-sized trucks, utility trucks, buses, fire engines and specialty vehicles can count on us for the long haul. RB Royal is a leading provider of fluid transfer systems critical to ensuring dependability, efficiency and durability in commercial On Road truck applications.

Rely on our products day in and day out for enduring dependability – even under the most punishing conditions. We incorporate features into every component or assembly to withstand extreme conditions brought on by vibration, heat, pressure and corrosion. Additionally, we work to limit excess components that can contribute to leakage and failure.

At RB Royal, our fluid transfer systems for On Road trucks include engine, transmission, power steering, air conditioning and emission applications. We also work with OEMs and tank manufacturers to provide robust tank head assembly solutions, including diesel equipment SCR DEF emissions applications. Rely on us for your fluid transfer component needs.


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