RB Royal began implementing factory automation for repetitive manufacturing processes and tedious quality inspection in 2013.

Automation in the manufacturing industry is a hot topic. By implementing factory automation, and the use of collaborative robots has given RB Royal the ability to use one operator to run three machines. Upon implementing automation, RB Royal saw an almost immediate improvement in part quality and manufacturing productivity, along with a significant reduction in tooling costs. Job quality and work experience also saw improvement with the implementation of automation. Today at RB Royal, employees oversee machines performing monotonous tasks, program complex robotics, lasers, CNC machines, and advanced quality systems in the inspection of parts.

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The Benefits of Adding Automation to Your Manufacturing Proccesses

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Automation is a hot topic in the manufacturing world. Discussions range from the incredible benefits of automating your production processes, such as increased production rates, improved part quality, and higher profits to the risk of eliminating jobs. Throughout the evolutions of manufacturing, each time advancement in automation has swept through the industry, there has been…

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