RB Royal’s manufacturing journey began in 1942 with the production of stock fittings for engines. The engines at that time were crude compared to today’s engines, but still required quality parts to keep them running.75 years later, we continue to evolve at RB Royal and now supply components used in electric vehicles. Even though the engines are electric there is still a need for fluid transfer systems for functions like battery cooling and axle gear lubrication. 

Lubrication Tubing for Axle Gears in Electric Vehicles
RB Royal manufactures a carbon steel bent tube used in electric vehicles for lubricating the axle gears. Key components of this lubrication system include:
• Formed beads on each end for O ring sealing
• One end with a tab welded on behind the bead to seal the O-Ring
• One end has a machine orifice to control the flow
• Parts have an RP applied/bagged/labeled

Battery Cooling Systems for Electric Engines
RB Royal also produces a stainless steel hose assembly used in electric vehicles for battery cooling. Key items to note about this system include:
• Stainless steel machine blocks welded to stainless steel tubes
• Charge ports on both high side and low side with valves and caps
• Hose material that meets SAE J3062 type C
• Pressure decay testing on assemblies
• Pressure sensors & temperature switches installed on assemblies